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For complete enjoyment

What are BRITA Integrated Solutions?
BRITA Integrated Solutions are well-known, trusted brands such as Breville that we have paired up with to create high quality products for making even better hot drinks. A BRITA filter cartridge fits inside each partner product to filter the water before, or as it boils.

Look out for the BRITA Water Technology logo on our partner products

For improved hot drinks
Tap water in Ireland is perfectly safe to drink but it may not always taste, look or smell the way you'd like it to. BRITA water filter cartridges removes limescale, chlorine and heavy metals such as lead and copper to improve the taste, smell and appereance of hot and cold drinks.

Cups of tea and coffee are only as good as the ingredients, and that doesn't stop at beans, granules and leaves! Water makes up around 98% of a hot drink. If the water isn't of great quality, neither is the drink.

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